Hello world…!

January 8, 2010 § Leave a comment

Though one logged on to the new account back in December, one has been very busy for the last one month. Actually you see, one has tried blogging before… but after some time it just turned into a blog with ones favourite music and poetry. And then it was also not a very personal kind of blog thing… The realization that one can’t really be oneself on that blog made one think of starting a new one. ( Lets say its an experiment to see if I procrastinate again this time too.) So just like it is with starting anything brand new… (all Mondays, dates like 1st, 10th, 20th etc, n ends of holidays is the best time to start anything new. for the serial procrastinator..) So one began writing this post on Monday. Then there were many more time-consuming hurdles in between… like choosing the right template that matches the mood of ones blog. And then the frequent power failures, other important work to be done like eating, studying, sauntering around town, etc etc. So one set the deadline to write the first post by Friday, it being the fav. day. And one has been successful at the first challenge.
So let one introduce oneself… Age 22, female, born and brought up in Pune. One loves the city to the core with all its idiosyncrasies. Like all hardcore Punekars one has the general characteristics… A keen sense of observation, a typical brand of subtle sarcasm, a little shrewdness, brutal honesty,a little condescension to everyone n everything non Puneri, readiness to appreciate good humour, appreciation for good food, music, literature, the love to go for a stroll on Taljai/ hanuman tekdi/sinhagad… n so on and so forth. One is the regular 22 year old. Though one struggles to look 22. One is happy (but not perky), well-mannered, perceived to be of a serious disposition but really just a keen observer, friendly. One has gone through the regular geeky teenage i-listen-to-backstreetboys phase and now-turning-to-indie-and-jazz. One rides the bike to get from point A to point B n loves it. So basically one is a very very regular person of the thousands like one.

So what do I want to write here? Its a plan… to make an attempt to write something witty, humorous, nice and interesting at least once a week if possible.. about anything concerning my life in Pune… just the regular stuff. Can be anything.. thats the plan. So if I don’t procrastinate like before, might actually do it. So one is happy that you have read all that one blabbered till now and hopes you continue to drop in once in a while!


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