Quirky? quirky..

January 25, 2010 § Leave a comment

You know how people have little quirky things about them. Some sort of irrational habits they have… you might find these little things cute or it might annoy you to death. I always found such idiosyncrasies very interesting and amusing. One of my friends crinkles her nose and blinks her eyes at the same time in the cutest of ways n she looks so adorable! Another friend of mine answers your call in the weirdest of voices you ever hear. Its just the ‘hello’. Everything else you hear over the phone sounds perfectly normal… but the ‘hello’  is.. well… weird. And she doesnt even realize it. I always thought I never had any quirkiness about me. No idiosyncrasies of any kind. M just too plain. Add to that boring. M just a boring girl who has no idiosyncrasies n weird habits whatsoever. Sounds good? Heh. Naah.

And then just as I was crying bout how utterly devoid I am of anything unusual or out of the ordinary (that does not mean extraordinary), my dear friend pointed out some things. And then one thing led to another and then I had a whole list. And m proud to present it here. Just a cautionary note… please don’t think I have any sort of an OCD.

I have to

-always sit at a table with no chewing sounds from my fellow eaters absolutely. (if dining with people I cant tell to shut up then I just pause mid-way till most of the grinding chomping and slurping is over).

-always keep the volume level of TVs, music systems at some even number.

-walk at a minimum distance of 3 inches  with a fellow walker. i hate it when people  brush against you while walking.

-always have a spoon sticking out of any hot beverage m having. tea/coffee/chocolate. It has to have a spoon. If having it at any place other than my own kitchen, then I have to take 2 sips with a spoon first. (I never have tea when m out. Only if I completely trust your tea making skills or if  I ve tried that restaurant before. Theres tea and then theres tea. if its not the latter then you ll have a silly taste in your mouth later.)

-always start eating the cream roll from the wrong end.

-check  3 times if my bikes locked properly.

-very skeptical about watching a movie at theatres. Too many people, too much chaos. There are some pre-requisites for an enriching movie experience…   1.] preferably watch it alone, on a TV screen or a computer.  2.]if you have to, watch it with a maximum of two people which is Only if they are as eager as you to watch it. 3.] no talking while watching a film, unless it is absolutely necessary.

-keep things in squary right angly kind of way. If m organizing my mess, I have to keep stuff in a neat straight line of sorts. Like the pile of books has to be in a perfect ascending order of sizes and shapes…

-space out once a while to keep track of what people are saying. You know… I might be talking but I might not really be there. Unlike others, I genuinely like to listen to other people. But if you do it at all times it can get a tad exhausting.

Hmm. Thats all I can think of right now. Bet I have more than these… but m just happy I have some afterall.


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