Those were the days my friend…!

January 26, 2010 § Leave a comment

Like the song goes… ‘Those were the days my friend… we thought they’d never end…’  And thats where I realize the nice part . We thought they’d never end but they did! Suure they did. Wondering what m talking about? Folks m talking about the school days.

Lets take a small test here… Its monday morning.You are having your morning cup of tea… and you receive a mail saying you have a school reunion Tuesday night. Now tick on the appropriate option-

1. you are filled with a sudden feeling of dread.   You contemplate going… and then decide on your excuse for not showing up (too much work/classes/previous non-existent plans that you are committed to) are filled with a warm kind of feeling that makes your day shrug. You have better things to  do.

What d you choose? Well… I would fall somewhere between the excuses and shrugging. But no warm feelings. Absolutely.

The reason I had a tormented kind of expression on my face in school was because of just that. It Was painful. Like uncle frank in little miss sunshine says… ” High school-those are your prime suffering years. You don’t get better suffering than that.”  Oh believe me they are!

High school suffering has nothing to do with who you are, how you look, what you do, what you don’t do. If you are meant to suffer you just suffffeerr… no one can stop it. Now I come from one of those numerous english medium schools in Pune. Lets describe these kinda schools. They have a very good infrastructure. Good playgrounds, good labs, gymnasium, classrooms with nice boards, all the students admitted come from good respectable families generally staying nearby. And they usually have good teachers. Schools like mine… the people who pass out are a different species altogether. You can identify them even if you didn’t know they existed before.

 But then they are confused… on their general policy of imparting knowledge. Since it’s an english medium school, they have a little bit of a western influence. But not like a convent school. And then there’s the concept of ‘apna Indian culture’. So they are somewhere between… half-baked. It always confused me. At one point I heard a teacher ask a girl why she had to talk to the boys in the class. Ahem. With all due respects ma’am it’s a co-ed school!

But that is besides the point. Lets talk on our half-baked schools some other time. Todays’s subject is school reunions!! You know, I terribly hate stereotyping. But lets put people in the popular typical stereotypes just for fun. Coming up next.


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