Another day

January 31, 2010 § Leave a comment

Should drive carefully. It ll be very silly to get in a road accident. And very impractical. Pot holed roads…  -The last thing I need right now.- Have to keep eyes on the road. Reached just in time. Before time. As always. Class starts at 2. ‘Seems m early.’ Its four flights up the dingy stairs. The staircase is lighted till the first two floors. Then the lamps are all broken. You have to guess where the next step is. But she’s used to it. The staircase has been like that since the first day. Shes always joked it’s a dungeon. It does resemble a dark tunnel. Though you re going up the stairs you feel like you are descending into another world. It’s always better to climb up slow. Lot of time still. Maybe the teacher’s not there yet either. As she climbs she sees many doors open. There’s an ad on the board. Agatha Christie novels at a discounted rate. -Must take a look sometime. But there’s no time to read. Maybe in the vacation I ll take some time out. I can put it in my collection till then.-

This computer doesn’t have any lan.- How am I going to connect it. I shouldn’t do all the work. Just for today leave me alone.- Don’t make me talk-. I can’t think straight today.- She sat down in her usual chair. She needed to talk to someone. Need to call. Should call a friend.

tring… your call is on wait.                                                                                             tring…’hello’                                                                                                                                                    

‘hey’ ..  

‘helllo. how come you called me.’

‘nothing. just felt like listening to your voice.if it sounds the same’  …                   I need to hear a familiar voice. yours might reach me…

 “huh? to listen to my voice? waa…t?’

‘can’t I just call.I just got bored. So I thought I should call.’


‘everything okay? what happened?’                                                                               

‘yes.everythings fine. just this and that.’      … I don’t think I ll last the day. Say something. Anything.

 ‘Hows the class. enjoying? ‘

‘Its okay. There’s nothing to enjoy. Just the usual..’  … your voice does sound familiar. she’s glad she called.

‘and hows everything going? Lets meet up soon.’

‘Everythings fine. Yes lets plan. I have to go… the lady came.cya soon.bye’  … I can’t talk anymore. If she did she won’t be able to sit there for the rest of the day.

She sat there contemplating what to do next. The room is full of people, wires, boards, projectors. -Have to get out. But I can’t. Whats there outside anyway. I ll have to go home. Its better here.-  Need to get out. Need to get out. Need to get out. ‘So whats the difference between GUI and CUI?’  She doesn’t know. She doesn’t care. Too much of an effort. ‘I can’t recall… You did tell us yesterday… But I don’t remember.’  Please don’t ask me anything today. M tired.

Travelling is a very interesting time. While you get from point A to B a zillion thoughts cross your mind. Have to be careful while driving. People drive like crazy. Dodge the speedbreakers. Dodge people. Dodge the old man on his blue scooter.

Everything quiet. The nights have always been kinder. She always likes to play the piano when no ones around. And when she’s feeling low. Whats wrong today? Somethings not right. Everythings wrong. But there’s nothing really wrong.- Maybe I should just play those new chords I found.- Its soothing. You can play a grand piano on this keyboard. This song is good. Sad. No. Not sad. Melancholic. But still something nice. The lady looks on from the painting. She wonders what made her draw her like that. They say she looks a little in pain. But very resolute. She’s not giving in. -Hmm. Perhaps. But I don’t like her right now. She reminds me of the time I painted her.-  She should just look away. The melody sweeps the room. The only sound in the world right now. -Should learn to read sheet music.- Its so wonderful. One note after other and they make up a wonderful melody that touches your heart.- I don’t intend to cry. – But its a wonderful song nevertheless. 

She heard her parents coming up. -I ll play anyway. Dad always loves it when I play.- He loves the sound of the piano. Though she’s not very good at it. dont want them to see me like this.- Should get my shoulders up. But can’t. Don’t bother. Play on.

‘You’re doing wonderful. I love it when you play at night. You think you re alone but I can hear you from my room. Love the sound of the piano.’

-M glad you like it dad.- Glad it makes you feel good. She hears them working  at their desk. Discussing tomorrow’s menu.- I don’t wanna show them my face. M okay. But they won’t think I am. C, D, C, D, E maj… G C D…-  Glad they went to sleep. C G C G… Dad came up and gave her a hug. And patted her head. ‘You always give me a hug. I should payback sometime too shouldnt I princess. Sleep tight.’  Oh dad. I love you too. The world is okay again.  Tomorrows another day. Will start it brand new. It’s not time to give up yet.




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