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On sunday me and bro went to get him a new guitar. His old one was well, old, and it sounded real weird sometimes, so he needed a new one. So off we went guitar searching. Of course we reached ABC farms. Coz the Furtado stores there. I ve never been to KP much. It’s closer to where I stay, still never go. Anyway, so we went zooming on my bike. Loads of those maroon coloured silly firangs on the road going all the Osho way. Heh.

  It’s in ABC farms.  I ve been there before… to get a keyboard. But it never fails to fascinate me. You enter ABC n then its all shady with the trees lining the little way. You turn left on the path leading to the store. Theres a club above it I think. So… you come to the place from the little path lined with trees and suddenly are hit with a yellow light. The store has a glass wall. Inside, they have wooden flooring, on which you can see pianos… black shiny huge pianos all looking exotic sitting in the light. It’s a very lovely sight. Still manages to take my breath away every single time. Makes me want to press my face to the glass and just look on. So there you go in…. we went to the guitar section. It’s all guitars wall to wall.  Electric, acoustic. All sorts. I even saw a ukulele… and then I saw it. IT. This IT- it was a blue acoustic. It was turquoise blue…. gawd how utterly charming it was. . I totally wanted the blue one. We asked the guy over there (who was… well. ahem. cool. and hot.) which ones better… n he said…  The blue ones a Granada so its good quality. Its sound is light n bright but after a while you ll know the sounds quality’s not that great. And then he gave us a Yamaha ka guitar. (I actually asked him if the  yamaha came in blue. And he smiled. A very telling smile- that said ‘u are so silly and stupid.. it’s a guitar. not a tshirt’.) Its sound is wonderful. It’s not delicate, but very soft and crisp. Feel like listening to it all day.

We were just about to leave when a young lady walked in. You know every time I go there I see very interesting people. She was around 28. Very petite. Fair with really short-cropped hair. Wore a white kurti and jeans. Very simple. But had such an air about her… peaceful and powerful at the same time. Looked so delicate and graceful but you knew by the look of her that she wouldn’t mind roughing it up. Yeah I know the word… she mesmerized me. Was hunting for a book of Beethoven. So was definitely a good piano player. A look at her fingers and you could tell… one of those beautiful people you see around.

Thus we took our new Yamaha guitar and came back home with dreamy thoughts in our respective heads. Bro of his new guitar, and me of all those pianos in the yellow light. Sigh. And the blue guitar!


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