Tee Vee anyone?? (an old post..)

February 18, 2010 § Leave a comment

(This is a post from my other blog. But since I have nothing to talk about for the next whole week as I ll be busy… (and also my other blogs quite dead.) so…)

—How much TV is too much TV? I mean how do you know you are watching indecent amounts of television when you are really looking forward to the next show. And the next one. AND the next one… Sigh. Its bliss. Wedging yourself in front of that screen… watching shows, movies, shows about movies. With a popcorn bowl of the perfect size,(big. BIG.), at that perfect distance from where you can reach it without too much effort, feet up on furniture, completely oblivious to the fact that the people around you aren’t noticing you anymore maybe because you’ve pretty much done the same thing for the last two days.. wow. Add to that no phone calls… And I love it. Its great being completely invisible to everything and everyone. It is a time of self discovery, solitude, peaceful reminiscence, introspection and retrospection. And I have discovered.. that I, am in my Garfield phase. Which apart from being my invention basically allows me to be completely lazy, procrastinate, watch filthy amounts of TeeVee, eat lots of junk food and ignore all the important people in my life and not get screamed at about it.. because m in my Garfield phase C’mon! They gotto understand that much I guess. I mean there are some days in everyones lives with complete inactivity.. (Hmm.well. m hoping here.)I mean.. Doing perfectly nothing is an art.Takes a lot of patience to sit still and just…. be.
Oops… Barney Stinsson back on the show. Gotta go! Happy lazying around!!————-

Yeah… this was when swine flu struck last year and we had to sit at home for two whole weeks.. doing nothing! And right now it’s exactly the opposite… EXXactly! hehe. Hardly get time to breathe… sigh. My TV viewing days are sooo over. But incredibly, I don’t miss it!



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