Foolproof pan fried chicken for dummies.

February 27, 2010 § 3 Comments


thats the only one pic I had... I served it with iceberg lettuce n orange salad and tomato soup...

re are somethings that make me feel all warm inside. Like shopping for shiny green peppers. Isn’t it just absolutely lovely! Not to forget peppers come in yellow and red too now a days. Shiny clean healthy peppers. And tomatoes!  heh. No m not gonna talk about how to shop for veggies.

Today m gonna share my foolproof french recipe of PFC for dummies whose cooking skills end at boiling water. Heh. There’s nothing called  ‘PFC’… it’s just what my bro calls it as he thinks it’s better than KFC. I ve tried it hundreds of times and its so easy. Know how stuff goes wrong when your mood isn’t right? That doesn’t happen here. It’s always perfect.Even when you are in a foul mood! 😛

So what is it? It’s a french recipe of a simple pan-fried chicken dish which is juicy, nice and very snacky… just don’t complain about the butter… the french believe in butter like you believe in god!

Here’s what you need… for serving one…

2 chicken breasts, flour, 1 egg, oil to fry, a dollop of butter, salt, pepper, breadcrumbs.

1.Take the chicken and rub in a little salt and pepper. Keep aside for like five mins. (if u have italian dried herbs you can put in a little of that too for a change.)

2.Take three plates. Put the sifted flour in the first plate. Whisk the egg a little in the second. The breadcrumbs go in the third. Place them in this order to make it easy.

3.Heat a thick bottomed pan. Add oil. Heat a little. Then add the butter. One spoon will do.

4. Now take the chicken. first coat it with the maida. Shake off the extra maida. Then coat it nicely with the egg. Then coat it with the breadcrumbs… and off it goes into the pan to shallow fry.

5. Turn the heat to medium. If u sliced the chicken into thinner strips then it’ll cook faster. I like to make even 2 cm thick pieces. cook for 3-4  mins on each side.

Make it golden brown on each side… and VOILA! done!

I ll try put up a snap… you can throw in a little salad tossed in some olive oil-honey-pepper dressing (i might give you that recipe too later) and maybe some simple tomato soup and you get a fab meal. Do try and let me know!


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