Wish list for people I know.

March 14, 2010 § 5 Comments

Wish list for people I know.. take it with a pinch of salt if you are one of them. 😛

-I wish Katie acknowledges that I am just as indispensable to her as she is to me. 😛

-I wish Wish quits smoking, eats better and never swears.. in that order. And also wish he treats me to cake soon.

-I wish mon Pere finishes his book.

-I wish AP realizes that the boundaries set around her she cribs about are her own.. she only has to see that to realize her full potential. Which is far greater than she thinks. I also wish she doesn’t talk to me in her office lingo… coz I don’t understand it!

-I wish Deedee wouldn’t worry so much. It’s all going to be fine because he’s with her for always.

-I wish Mon Frere and his better half stay like now for always… these two dodos totally deserve each other. Heh. Kidding.. They really deserve each other… amazing pair.

-I wish Bee returns home soon. Period. I also wish she finds him soon.

-I also wish Mon Frere realizes that the slave is a slave only because she likes him to believe he’s the master. 😛

-I wish MO never visits her past again. She’s so much happier now. M happy for her.

-I wish Mr. Fellow Owl visits more wonderful places and writes to me… complete with the amazing sketches. 

-I wish Mana wasn’t somewhere far off. But I also wish she gets more promotions..

-I wish San. doesn’t doubt his abilities ever again. You are very talented and I know you ll make it to NatG. I just KNOW.

-I wish T realizes stalking is not cool… especially since we are already great friends. 😛  I also wish he gives up the idea of renouncing the world and going off to the mission… instead he could take my advice and become a full-time writer.

-I wish D gets what he wants… and becomes truly happy.

-I wish Purr completes her work and really gets to some interesting work… that interests Her.. I wish we go to the Blue Potter’s society together. I also wish we meet often…

-I wish the next time we play carrom, Nili is on my team and does just as crrazzy stuff as last time. 😛

-I wish Blondie doesn’t have those two people inside his head. May the best man win and rule it. I wish he wouldn’t look at the world with a tinted glass. I also wish he gets the success that he wants. That might make him wiser, perhaps.

-I wish M hadn’t called me and said sorry. It’s just plain silly.

-I wish Guddu doesn’t lose anymore cobras or turtles… I wish she’d call me .

Well. Thats it for now. Mmm.


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