On reading habits and why I couldn’t finish The monk…

March 31, 2010 § Leave a comment

The other day I found my copies of the monk and the alchemist. It’s a little late to write about these two books. Or rather these two authors. Since I read their two bestsellers – Sharma’s The monk who sold his Ferrari and Coelho’s The alchemist years ago. Looong time back. So my memories are a little dusty and I don’t remember the exact words or lines I liked or disliked. But anyway… Actually it’s more like… once you read a book or watch a movie, you might feel something immediately after reading/watching it. And after some days, you feel it sinking further in and then that’s when you really know what it really made you feel. it’s like perfume. You wear it but you only get the real scent after a few hours.

I love books. M pretty much a bookworm actually. I read all kinds. Pop fiction (if there really exists anything like that..), literary fiction, poetry… varied stuff basically. Like Wilde said “Books are well written or badly written. That is all.” So generally I ve always read through the whole book before forming any kind of opinions. I used to pride myself that I m not one of those who just read halfway through books and end up with nothing… But there were exceptions.. twice. I couldn’t finish Sharma’s Monk and Chetan Bhagat’s Five point someone. I did skip through five point since I needed to know what it was about to prove to my friends that it was really stupid.(Yes. It was just another form of dude-lit that rhymed with chick-lit.) 

 I should admit I have a very natural aversion towards self-help books. No there’s nothing wrong with that genre of books. It might help you very well. I once read a book on body language and I found it all very interesting. But the other kind… how to make friends, how to be happy, how to correct your screwed up life… not for me. There are two types of books in this genre. One is the ‘inspirational’ kind. Like inspirational talks… -good. Then there’s the preachy talk…- not good.

When I started The Monk… I thought here is a book… nice reviews, interesting author… good writing style. Worth my time. I read… a few pages… and then suddenly was overcome with a strong feeling of utter weariness. That was it. Just couldn’t. It was like some invisible force was barring me from reading that book.. Amazing. All these years… m so scared I haven’t touched it since.

Besides… I honestly think the desperation with which Indians read the book was not really needed. We all know what he said since we were born. It’s in our…. not religion lets say… it’s in our culture. And it’s still there. Period.

Actually I started out writing on reading habits.. but more on that later I guess.


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