May 16, 2010 § 2 Comments

Phew… now that was long or what..! A months hiatus and people are already forgetting me. Heh. Not that I ll let them though. So just as I declared my freedom from all things significant and mundane, me and a friend intended to celebrate it with a nice dessert. Hmm…. dessert Or cake. Either of those. So it led us to the question.. Where do you get the best cake or the best dessert in Pune?

   Interesting question that. Any food lover will tell you the significance of a good dessert at the end of any meal. Or at any time for that matter. So my friend here… she is the person we  turn to for all our cake requirements on birthdays. She probably knows the yummiest of cakes in town. I ll share my own little experiences…  they aren’t much but I loved some.

  One of the best contenders will be Sweet Chariot Cafe’s Tiramisu cake. Now the original tiramisu is a dessert but the world over people also love the cake. Instead of the lady fingers, you have a sponge with the mascarpone cheese.(I tried the original tiramisu at home once and well…. disastrous to say the least!) So ya… their cake was amazing… melted the moment you put it in your mouth. Wonderful!

Then there was this one orange mousse I had once… I don’t remember the name exactly… it was so inconspicuously situated at one end of Mhatre bridge… Cakes and Creams…. or Cremes and Crusts…. dunno. That was good too. Orange is something I don’t really associate with dessert.. But that one worked.

Then there’s the Pineapple Cream cake at Pastry corner, Law college road. Simple but with the exact amount of sweetness and fresh pineapple taste.

This one’s heavy… at Mocha’s, Law college road… you get this thing called Chocolate Avalanche. I had the ‘Junior’ chocolate avalanche once. Nothing ‘junior’ about it at all! You simply get a big bowl filled to the brim with chocolate ice cream, chocolate fudge, chocolate pudding, a little vanilla ice cream, bitter chocolate sprinkled in between and a dark chocolate mini slab right on the top! Dude… that can be your mood food, guilt food, sad food, happy food, craving food… any damn reason will do!

There’s this one place I love.. Barbeque Nation. Though it specializes in barbeques (obviously!) I go there not for that but the desserts. Vanilla ice cream with gulab jamuns.. (weird, but works..!), ice cream and brownies, tiramisu (original italian kind..), orange mousse, mango mousse, strawberry cheesecake, chocolate cheesecake. You get the drift.

Me and my friend have the general cake haunt… Copper chocs! They have a branch near her place and mine too! Chocolate eclair or a chocolate pastry works!

And now to what I thought was best… We went to Yana’s today. My friend ordered lychee dessert, I ordered the chocolate mousse. And the moment I tasted it for the first time… I could hear a hallelujah and a voice inside my head telling me to keep it coming. I mean, the lychee was amazing… it was a bowl full of nice juicy lychees and ice cream. But the mousse folks… sigh. Heavenly! I don’t know why they get addicted to smoking and drugs and all other crap when you  have something as good as that chocolate mousse!



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