May 17, 2010 § 5 Comments

flowers.. acrylic.


Trying my hand at paint. Never used colours much. Acrylic is very interesting if you know how to control it. Takes so much time to learn though. Planning to start learning.



§ 5 Responses to Flowers.

  • Sanket says:

    it’s nice. keep learning. passion as always-is a self sustaining organism. feed it well & it will grow with time.:)

  • Tejas says:

    Oh…man…brilliant! i hadn’t seen this! Truly wonderful! I just love it when i’m touched by a painting instantaneously….without actually looking and trying to find something in it.

    ( It baffles me how painters who themselves create beautiful things keep talking about the technical aspects of the painting….because if something beautiful is created then what went into creating it is no more relevant!)

    • the reason why they d go after the technical aspect… is because if you have the necessary skills, you can put your idea on paper more articulately. perhaps others might not bother with the difference… but afterall all artist want to be satisfied that they have expressed it close enough to the original idea!

      • Tejas says:

        i’m not saying that technicalities are not important….ofcourse they are…or else how can anything ever be created or expressed. i’m saying that once a painting is done…once an artist steps back and looks at it….then it comes to life! Until the artist is preparing it…its just some random patterns on paper which have no context…but once its done…for a viewer ( which may be the artist himself) its a whole! Its no more ‘that particular use of colour’ or ‘this or that style’ and so on. Its like talking about how straight or bent a person’s nose is! Isn’t it? A person is not his/her nose or eyes or words or thoughts….but a whole entity. Somewhat like that….a painting is a pure and innocent expression of that one moment when the artist perceived and was touched by a deeper depth ( it may be love or pain or whatever)of existence! If at all….he/she manages to express it…once it is expressed…even a word about how it was created takes away all the magic. Because now that it is done…what went into creating is no more important…’the idea’ is important! People may say ‘Beautiful!’….or ‘wow’…or whatever. But if they ever attempt to answer ‘why it is beautiful?’…that’s the end of it…the painting cannot be experienced entirely anymore!
        By the way…this is a little off the subject…but i picked up this idea from somewhere…that ‘art doesn’t make life any more beautiful…for all it does is copying from what already is….if we really had enough intelligence…we would rather look at the original!’. But still we paint…and make music and write poems…because we know no other way to be involved with life!
        Whatever…keep painting!

  • “But still we paint…and make music and write poems…because we know no other way to be involved with life!

    so true! heh.

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