On parenting.

June 4, 2010 § Leave a comment

I have a niece. My cousin’s kid. She’s two years old and sweet enough to eat! I ve watched her grow up from the day she hijacked my room as a baby and now when she’s learning to talk. When she was a baby she was this crazy little fragile thing that didn’t know squat what to touch what not to touch because she didn’t know what would hurt her… so off she would go on adventures exploring  all things heated, sharp, heights and the stuff you keep babies away from. But it was fun… its amazing how we love a helpless and dependent baby with all our hearts! Apple of everyone’s eye… heh. One smile from the little brat and you can melt like ice in a hot oven!

But now when I see her… being very careful even walking… looking around. Doing what she is told…. I wish I can get her out of her self-imposed maturity. Two year old kid. I would rather she be completely wild and uncontrollable! Ahem. Not that anyone else wants that. But as an aunt I have the liberty to have my opinions. But she is not the case in point here… its her mother. She is so completely transformed from being this chilled out laid back young woman to the most responsible, aware, protective parent I ve ever known. AND she doesn’t smother her at all… she’s just there with her arms right there to catch her when she decides to get adventurous. No fussing. Just the right amount of care. And she’s so perfect at it. Amazes me. It seems like she’s already raised ten kids before her! Thats how comfortably she’s handling her parenthood.  

Which gets me to the subject of discussion here… As me and KT were talking bout our respective niece and nephew.. and their parent’s way of raising them.. we started out on parenting. Is there a perfect formula for raising a child? Hmm. Interesting question. As I rue about the fact that I was raised by protective parents (and a protective big bro), who insisted I make secure and practical choices in life and who guided me through everything important; my friend feels her folks gave her too much freedom and she could have done with some more guidance to get to her full potential. So what is it? Should it be a matter of definitive choice of this or that? Or can their really be a practical balance in both these ideas and the rest.

Its dificult. Being a parent. Its probably the toughest job in the world. (if you care i mean.)  contd…


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