A poseur… ROSE

July 20, 2010 § 2 Comments

Ever wondered if the rose is a hyped flower….?? I mean… the Red Rose is such an overdone idea. Or even the other ones for that matter. The pink ones, yellow ones, white (white is charming though)  and the others…  It  is such an escapist idea. Can’t think of anything? Get a rose. I mean C’mon. I always found other flowers more interesting. Take daisies for example. They really  Are the friendliest flowers. Or orchids. Orchids are so damn chic. And I have found pink lilies to be exotic too. They are pretty huge than what comes to your mind when you think lilies.

But… Red roses are actually extremely beautiful. Such a sweet smell that lingers and captivating colours. The red grabs your attention and then you dive right in. Not to mention a beautiful petal structure. Maybe just the fact that its so overdone made it oblivious to me. But not yesterday when me and Mana were strolling on that street. There was a florist on the roadside… and of course we saw the red bunch. She loves flowers to bits so I suddenly got interested in the reds too…  they really seemed lovely. We got a bunch each and the first thing I did when I came home was click this snap. Hardly does any justice to It but then I had to try. It was the perfect flower at its perfect time with the perfect amount of colour and sweetness.  It was not and will never be my favourite.. but that might simply be because its so perfect! 



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