Oh Nooooo!!! Karan Johar does it again.

August 2, 2010 § 10 Comments

Me n Bee were chatting in her living room with the TV set on.  Thats when I heard that ghastly song play for the first time! You didn’t you didn’t you didn’t  Karan Johar! How bloody dare you take that song and turn it into ‘muzhe nahi pata main kya gaungi’!!!! I mean REALLLYY??? Of all the songs in the world you had to go and ruin that classic King turning it into one of the most hideous, idiotically aped song in the whole world! No it’s not even a song. I don’t know What it is! Wasn’t it enough that you took Pretty Woman in that sad little last film of yours. At least it was not torture to the ears. But THIS… you have surpassed all levels of idiocy. This ‘song’ is plain violent to the senses. It’s painful for people like us who have listened to Jailhouse Rock. Why’d you do it… WHY !

I mean… you aren’t that stupid are you. You make films very wisely with all that candyfloss. Its all with a very clever agenda and purpose of wooing the mostly silly audience into that wonderful world of Raj and Simran (or Raj and Priya; or Raj and any random girl…) But I should say you have an immensely sharp business acumen. Because you make films to make money. Simple. And you Make Money. I see you speak fluent french. (which btw I find impressive); you also know what good cinema is because you have been around. But I mean really… its Fine that you want to make silly but money generating films. Okay. But you should’ve known better.

Elvis’ Jailhouse Rock. In Hindi. Plus Kajol doing a really over the top take on it. In a film called ‘WE ARE FAMILY’ adapted from the movie Stepmom. And Kareena. And a malnourished Arjun Rampal. And the lyrics. God. Save the soul who wrote those lines. For he shall be cursed like hell by hundreds for setting them to the tune of Jailhouse Rock!


§ 10 Responses to Oh Nooooo!!! Karan Johar does it again.

  • Sushant says:

    Not really ! I dont really agree with that. Yes the lyrics are piteous, but they’ve did a wonderful job reinventing the Jive and Rock n Roll era ! How often we hear Elvis? May be because of this you may have searched the song on the PC and heard it once more. It is not that bad, as probably the song has made a first impression on you. Give a 2-3 hears. You’ll love the fact that its in hindi ! I mean, by this atleast a layman can know there was someone called Elvis. People really dont know !!
    And yes the KJo’s business insightfullness is worth an applaud.
    PS: Kajol is adorable. Arjun Rampal is not malnourished.(Please!!) No comments on Kareena.

    • Oh noo… I think it’s perfectly hideous and pathetic. But then of course m a big Elvis fan and I listen to him all the time. Morphing his song into this is not gonna make people aware of him. To be honest… I like Kajol… her earthy beauty and even all her bubbly chulbuli overacting! But I do not like her in that song. And I REALLY don’t feel they have reinvented rock n roll in any way. At all. Definitely prefer the original!

  • I agree with Sayali….. Sushant..naaah…The song is hideous. Completely .. Every aspect of it…If reinvention means utter Destruction then yeah they reinvented the song… Those who don’t know Elvis and prefer knowing him through such hindi bakwas deserve to not know him. They are doing a favor to the Real Elvis fans by not knowing him. I gave it a not “2-3” but a good “4-5” hears and still I find it more and more hideous. And the more I came across the hideousness of Karan Johar the more I start to feel sad about the non-inventiveness of the Indian film makers. Really…. Elvis Presley died twice everyday up there on hearing his song slaughtered this way…
    RIP E.P.

  • hahahah! true true. M sure the King really flipped over in his grave at the song…
    RIP EP..!

  • Sushant says:

    Glad we have different opinions ! I mean atleast on something …. it sometimes gets boring when we all like the same things. Dont you think ? I do not see the reoccuring death of EP by just imitating the song and well keeping the soul alive of Rock n Roll. The word hideous is greatly offensive considering the Jailhouse Rock was the maiden hit of EP. I mean for the king himself. I agree that an originality would had been good, but this is not that bad either.

    And, come on!! The bollywood has and had always been non inventive. Well the exceptions being the golden 50s, swinging 60s and until lately when Indian cinema has came of age. No one really gets the crux of well made Indian original films, cos it never reaches the audiences. And if it does, it is not commercially successful; though highly critically acclaimed. That’s why the crucifying differentiation of so called “Art Films”. Has anyone of you seen the movie “Dor” ? That movie is the best I’ve seen in a very long time. It went totally unnoticed an un-appreciated. Hence the ape-imitation of things goes around to appease the “not-so-intelligent” and unaware audiences. Let’s face it , they cannot spend crores of rupees just to get back lakhs! It has to be commercially successful. And majority of audiences are not mature enough.

    Well this can go on for quite a while. But I am glad that good cinema or good music may not remain a prerogative of selected few now. This song(though aped) has reached the masses and if it may reach atleast 100 people and they start hearing EP, I’d be a happy! Well depends on the perspective if you like or “despise” the song !!


    • Hmm. Of course everyone has a right to their opinions. And afterall anything concerning art is purely subjective. M sorry but I can’t take back my ‘hideous’…. for a simple reason…
      The reason is that it is a very bad adaptation. There are only two possibilities when you adapt another work of art, be it music, film, drama…. you can either make a good adaptation or you can make a bad adaptation. A bad adaptation is this song- from english to hindi with those lyrics. I am all for adaptations. I remember how thoroughly I enjoyed the ‘typical’ movie Sarkar. They say it was a mix of adaptation from Godfather, a real life figure in Maharashtra, and I guess a couple of western films. But the director turned it into something quite watchable. On a different note, look at our very own Pu La’s – Ti Phularani. You obviously know it’s an adaptation from Shaw’s ‘Pygmalion’ . And look at what our P L did with it. That’s how an adaptation ought to be. Take the essence of the original, perhaps put it into context, you can change it as much as you like; as long as you don’t destroy the original into bits and pieces as if you blasted it with 2 tonnes of explosives.
      The essence of the original is essential. And on that count The Song fails. Hence, it is hideous. Simply put, it could’ve been a million times better. Afterall many of our classic oldies sung by our beloved Lata Mangeshkar and others have their origins in symphonies and concertos and compositions of Western greats like Beethoven and Mozart. Yet, they are wonderful because they are good adaptations.
      As for art films and commercial cinema… (yes I have seen Dor and I think it was quite widely seen and appreciated. Nevertheless, you are right when you say it might not have generated outrageous profits.) It’s not only Bollywood that suffers from the so called ‘no one appreciates serious cinema’ thing. But I think the fact that we consider our audience ‘not mature enough’ is the problem. Of course the audience is mature enough!! The fact is, the same kind of audience will appreciate a pure mindless action film, a ‘serious cinema’ film, a drama… IF and ONLY IF the craft is honest, genuine and has a certain quality to it.
      Then the question remains… do you compromise on quality just because you think your audience is dumb and not mature enough..?

      If you feel that if it makes hundred people listen to the original it’ll make you happy… then I ‘d just say your expectations are not much. Au contraire I expect Karan Johar to have made it better so that people like us can enjoy it equally. Like I said… That song could’ve been a million times better in a zillion different ways. But since it isn’t, my ‘perspective’ is to despise the song.

      • Sushant says:

        Wow ! That has started some debate … accessing the internet after so long that I felt I have turned recluse ! (Hihihahah..)

        Well I like the way you put that into words ! And I also like the knowledge you have of the literature ! Sadly I have limited, so I feel menial to talk in front of the pro (If I can say so)! I like the fact that you quote “Ti Phularani”

        Accepted that originality does bring a sense of superiority in the work … but I had mentioned that in the earlier comment as well !

        And about my “limted expectation”-ness, yes thats what I believe in … the epidemic can begin with one … my score is 100 times 😛 (for more info read my post on “6 degrees of Separation” or read “The Tipping point”).

        What I despise the more than you do the song … Some people failed to wish me for my birthday. No call, no message or not a simple email ! Now thats my “perspective” !

  • @ Sushant…What Sayali said..I totally agree.. You want to make an imitation.. Make a good one.. Even hollywood from Now.. imitates older hollywood movies..I have no problems with imitation.. But just take care to make it a good one… bad imitations are bad from the core… There’s no reason to like it…Not even for the sake of it can anyone like a bad imitation… If you take up something new and if it turns bad..that I can understand and I will appreciate the idea of trying something innovative.. But taking a 1st class thing and ruining it is just not done..
    As for “Dor”.. you say it was not appreciated.. Well take a look at IMDB ratings for this movie.. It has a rating of “8.1.” That’s almost as much as the rating for Dark Knight. I haven’t met a single person who said that Dor was bad.. people do appreciate good movies. I for example loved the movie and watched it thrice. I loved Sarkar, P1, P2 even for that matter! It was a good imitation.
    I will have no problem appreciating Karan Johar if he even made up a good Hindi Shawshank Redemption.

    • Sushant says:

      Why dont we stop debating and spread negativity here. Lets not stretch and emphasize this too much.
      We have the same taste and likings from what I make out from the years that have gone by. So what matters is what we like is what we like … As Morpheus says “Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself.”
      Same goes here !

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