On Why I love people… all sorts.

August 8, 2010 § 3 Comments

There are many habits and addictions of people. Some get a kick out of chocolate, booze, some get addicted to not so good stuff, some even get addicted to gymming…! But me n AP have long concluded what we get a kick out of. It’s out of knowing people. No, not in the make-lot-of-friends kind of way. Just people. I personally love all sorts of people… the self-indulgent, the tragic, the dramatic, the sunny kind. Colourful, funny, brave. I don’t like the suicidal ones though. Some are stupid, some too wise for their age, some are silly even when they are old. Aggressive ones, opinionated, creative, winners, losers, show offs, resilient ones. Yup. Basically… I love all sorts. Since I prefer listening to talking… I end up listening to a lot of stories. And I love to observe. Never judge almost ever. In conclusion, I love interesting people. They are fascinating and hard to resist.

Some observations of some of my fav kinds!

– Some tell you how uneventful their life is. Then pretend they don’t give a damn. Then proceed to tell you all about it! Very amusing. Never fails to bring a smile to my face!

– Self importance suits very few people, I ve observed. Some can be self-indulgent, but in private. They don’t care to reveal it to an audience. The moment they feel the need for an audience it ceases to suit them!

– Some are hell-bent on being crazy. They intend to be wicked and pride in it. ‘Oh man, I have a wicked reputation… I Am Kewl’..  Don’t you just  love all their antics!

– Some just trudge along… the life the good Lord hath bestowed upon them is their greatest burden! Its tragic!

–  Some are simply genius. They are soo good at what they do. The creative minds. But take that away, and they can be weird creatures. Always baffles me – do you see and marvel them as a genius and nothing else. Or do you consider their other human imperfections and get grossed out at their weirdness too.

– Some are full of stories of their marvellous and miserable lives… or the lack of either of those!

…- ok. this post is incomplete… will complete soon enough. Posting anyway.   -…



§ 3 Responses to On Why I love people… all sorts.

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