Boru – a wooden writing instrument.

August 16, 2010 § 9 Comments

Wondering what that is? Well here’s what happened. I went to this popular stationery store the other day… Yeah yeah correctly guessed… Venus on Deccan. (I set a record that day… I went in and spent only 5 bucks… that’s by far a record!)  So I d gone there to buy some butter paper / tracing paper. Why did I want that? Once a friend wrote to me on a piece of tracing paper and I found it interesting. It makes that particular crumpling sound when you open and read. Love the sound. So I in turn wanted to write to a friend using the same… so there I went, bought it (for Rs. 2) and on my way out saw this big bottle of ink. It was meant for calligraphy… 890 bucks a bottle. Yeah that’s expensive for a bottle of ink. And right next to that I saw a group of bamboo sticks. Only thing they weren’t just bamboo sticks but bamboo sticks that you write with! And I was absolutely delighted… (also because it cost only 3 bucks!)

    I have always been fascinated with anything concerning paper and ink. Calligraphy is an extremely beautiful form… Something like what Mr. Achyut Palav does. I totally want to attend one of his workshops when I have the time. It’s not just the handwriting you know… you can paint and do other stuff too. Anyway… so..  I had to wait the whole day to reach home before trying it.. No need to mention how  earnestly I was waiting to see how it writes. Finally did. Sigh… Nothing seems better in life than putting black ink on paper with a wooden pen… (a little romanticism once in a while can do… heh.) nevertheless… it WAS wonderful.

The ‘BORU’ is a light wooden pen like instrument fashioned out of bamboo. Its different from the ‘TAAK” which has a nib at one end. Both these were used in the olden days to write on paper and parchment.  The Boru has only a point at the writing end. You dip it in ink and it can write almost a whole line before you need to dip again. You can cut and shape the point to whatever shape you want since its made of bamboo. I found it to be extremely light and easy to write with. If you hold it an inch away your strokes will be much more free-er and easy. Great to let your fingers loosen before sketching. 

So I just did some time pass with my brand new Boru and the ink. Made a couple of book marks for friends. Had a spare frame so put it into that. Here’s a revelation – anything looks good if you put it in a nice frame!


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§ 9 Responses to Boru – a wooden writing instrument.

  • earthymind says:

    nice!!!i love spending in venus,and often end up buying things which i had not intended to….
    i hope i am one of those ‘friends’ who gets one of these…loved em!!!

  • Devika says:

    Seeeeeeee Venus is such a good place to pick up stuff??!!!
    Bas me pan annar ahe ha boru 🙂

  • milind dnyate says:

    Thanks Sayali for the wonderful information on Boru. We were discussing about writing implements, which have been lost in the heap of time. I mentioned about my grand father writing in Boru. She asked me if I can show her a pic of Boru. I gave a search and found your blog. Thanks for the information. Incidentally my daughter too is Sayali. Thanks

    • mepunekar says:

      I still remember as a kid my dad telling me on a trip to sinhagad… Not sure what part..but I think Rajaram maharaj samadhi. He said when he used to visit when he was younger there was a taak there behind the samadhi. Everyone knew it and they used to put it back…n then it vanished.
      Sure would have loved to see an old taak!

  • Vishal Joshi says:

    hey sayali

    Out of no where I was searching for BORU which I had seen 20 yrs ago My cousin was writing his B.E journal said there if a feel to it.Guess I was searching for that same feel the joy of touching paper, feel of different types of nibs & points.when U mentioned the store experience felt it was for real . I had this habbit of colecting different types of brushes ,clips etc when I used to paint but now days I have 3 diaries 5 different pens to write in, for Me its more like a craving or addiction. after reaching here feel perhaps I am not the only one, any ways I am still searching for BORU & TAAK both where can I find it

    P.S: I am not a punekar,
    Ya iz mumbaiscki, Dasvidaniya

    • mepunekar says:

      glad you liked the post. I m not sure where you can get boru or a taak. But you should definitely check out the Venus store in Pune. Not sure if it has branches in mumbai though…

  • Prachi Damle says:

    I was searching about BORU to show some of my chinese friends how it looks like and landed here 🙂 Great post, enjoyed reading it, took me back to the Venus store and Pune memories…thank you.

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