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September 1, 2010 § Leave a comment

  The bad thing about not having a set direction or theme for your blog… is that there is no set direction or theme for your blog. So there are no preferred subjects. You can and you have to write about mundane stuff, personal stuff, not-so-personal stuff (this part I havent explored yet)…  that’s that. It also means you have a serious, serious block when scouting for something to write about. Whatever happens there’s always the vain attempt at writing something witty.. and once in a while (say about thrice in a thousand times..) if you write something readable or amusing you feel like framing and showing it off on your mantelpiece. Afterall… if you ever find yourself shooting off some original thoughts and words… you would feel quite proud… non? Alas… I haven’t felt proud since I was twelve. Sigh..

 Today I remembered the time I made that thing in the top bar. You know.. the picture bar. And it reminded me why I chose those particular pictures… I suddenly find each one had a significant memory behind it! That’s what I will tell you about today…

The acrylic flower painting – I’ve never ever painted in my whole life. Ever… absolutely never. Only sketched. And when I saw those tubes in the store one day and convinced my bro got them for me… That’s when I discovered the joy of painting. Paint anything… it might just be random lines, doodles, or just a single colour on the sheet. What fun! Remember as kids how we used to fill in colours on paper and love it!  You should try it too… just to feel the release!

The guitar- if you’ve read my previous post on getting a guitar for my brother… that’s the guitar I spoke of. It’s a yamaha and sounds  just like heaven. Delicate and crisp!

The flowers – It was spring and flowers were in full bloom. Except at my place. Somehow they weren’t. Went over to KTs one day and she promised to give me some of her plants. Her little garden in the balcony is one of my favourite spots. It’s sunny and the very colourful. I love to watch her water them. I ‘m convinced she can never enjoy anything more than that. She just goes in another world!

The wine glasses- had got them with dad on a very memorable trip to this amazing glass store. Love glass and crystal. A friend of mine had promised to come over since many days.. so she came and since we don’t drink we had apple juice in my new wine glasses. Memorable visit.

The ‘kandil’ – Ahh. That just brings forth such fond memories! It’s a family tradition. Every diwali we make the lantern ourselves. Diwali seems incomplete without it. We make the same one each year. When I was a kid I remember how I helped gramps to make it. With all his perfection. Now that he’s old I make most of it and he plays my part tweaking it here and there. It’s so much fun starting from scratch.. from buying the papers and sticking the glue, to the day its lit in all its glory. The best part is when he tells me how I’m better than him! (he’s blinded by affection you see… heh. he’s the best!)

The light pole – It was morning and KT suddenly called me up distressed. She’d been to Taljai and had suddenly found a big and long cement fortress wall that seemed to have sprung up from god knows where. It just went all along the place and the ugly sight of it disturbed her so. She didn’t go again till I pursuaded her to come with me to show the it. It simply runs from the top of the hill to the bottom!  Taljai is one of our most adored places and that wall was such a disappointment. Imagine a green hill in the rains – with a grotesque cement wall sticking out. The light pole was right next to it… somehow the light pole seemed like the symbol of the urban-existence.

Fergusson College Main Building – What to say about that. Wonderful, wonderful place. Like everyone else I have fond memories. But its more about the sense and feel of history it has. You feel overwhelmed sometimes to be in a place where Tilak Agarkar and Savarkar have walked. And of course not to mention the beautiful buildings!

The food – the food is my last 31st december evening. It was not as happy as the previous new years, because we had lost someone very dear in our family. Nevertheless… DD n Bee n Sylie came over (it’s now become a sort of tradition on new years!) and me mom and dad always cook together and that’s how the evening goes. And incredibly every year they always have Pirates of the Caribbean back to back. We always watch it together straight into the night after twelve. Real fun!

So that was what went into that top bar! Quite unconsciously… but very memorable times.


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