Of Ray Ban glasses and pink hearts…

September 15, 2010 § 2 Comments

– Take your fav. hero. He is x.


-Then his heroine is 1/2 x. So if Ayesha Takia is 23 how old is Sallu…


Amir Khan is the most intelligent man in our film industry. Period. Though in his last film I definitely found him a tad annoying. He is ‘The Thinking Actor’. What does that mean anyway? Other actors don’t think?  I’d rather say he is the smartest man in Bollywood. He displays the exact amount of profundity n ‘deepness’ (!) to make people call him profound and intellectual. He’s the elusive persona flitting in and out of a crowd of ordinary people… act elusive and they will love you.(but wait, isn’t that what young starlets do…  not senior actors..)  A subtle arrogance of always being right. Don’t you just find it…well… that infallible image people present. -Oh no no, we-are-genetically-physiologically-completely-incapable-of-making-mistakes. (I ve always felt this is the worse image you can have. On the contrary,When you know and others know that you too can commit mistakes, then you can get away with anything. 😛 )  He’s what I call not-coming-to-the-point. So is he the most intelligent man here and is he superficial? Who cares! The world needs all kinds of people. It was always necessary that Amir Khan ‘The Thinking Actor’  happen to Bollywood! Just like the marvellous King Khan n Sallu were needed. Besides, I love him. Still looks better than his nephew!


-Will you watch Dabangg?

-Oh yeah! Totally!


-Because Salman Khan is beefy, has a sexy moustache and his Ray Ban shades have digital pink hearts when he sees his lady-love. Who wants to miss that??!    

(No pun intended!)

PS- m shifting loyalties to Sallu. No other Khan can purse his lips together in a dance step in the most corniest song  and still look non-vulgar funny.


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