Birds are not afraid of heights

September 23, 2010 § 1 Comment

  What would you do if you are jogging down a two km track discussing the horses around you and animals in general… and your mom suddenly says…   “I wonder how it feels like to be a bird. I wish I could fly like one.” …? 

I for one, stared at her incredulously.

Well, it’s not really something you expect moms to say you know. I mean they are moms after all. They do everything other than think dreamy stuff. Or take any grown up for that matter. Take you… have you ever thought how wonderful it d be to be a bird.. after you grew up? It all seems distant when we were seven-year olds. (or fifteen year old if you were a romantic). And especially people like mothers… any impractical thought of absolutely any kind seems completely unlikely when it concerns them. Not even something as simple, profound and surreal as flying like a bird. Mothers are so… you know… mothers! They are the stuff that make people go on in their lives. The driving force. So is mine. She’s the force that keeps the other five going. She’s the centre around whom all lives revolve. If she’s not there the house is listless, laughterless, boring and lame. She’s the one who has handled five eccentric people all her life. She manages a husband and two incorrigible brats  – one of whom still at 25 refuses to eat pepper, wrestles with her every other day and loves to spook her ; the other is neurotic, stubborn, leaves behind a messy kitchen and steals all her best jewellery – brats, who also keep her worried 24×7. She’s overworked, over stretched and so busy being a mom. And in between all that, she still has time to think of something like that…

After I ve overcome my initial shock, about 50 mts of further jogging I say “It’s no use. You are afraid of heights. And you dread travelling by plane!”

And she says “Of course. But  m sure birds aren’t afraid of heights.”

I wish when I m fifty I still have the enthusiasm to wonder how it feels like to fly like a bird.


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  • Tejas says:

    This particular desire to fly…its very interesting…because everyone has it…and probably no other human thought shows in a manner so raw and innocent…the desire for limitless expansion. That’s what every single one of us wants really…even a dumb, miserable, coward of a person…deep down…that is what he wants…isn’t it?…breaking of limits! If your mom expressed that…its not being dreamy….its being extremely honest. Just because it cannot be done ( or atleast we think that it cannot be done)….and we don’t want to look stupid…we think that its just a fanciful idea. But its a burning desire in everyone…isn’t it? We want to fly….and because we cannot actually fly physically…we are actually hoping to generate a similar experience in so many different and devious ways. But fundamentally….if you look really really deep….that is what we want. Everyone wants to go absolutely crazy…everyone wants to fly…everyone wants to break limitations (whatever the limits are).
    But the catch here is that….even when you are 50….this desire is still there…and it burns even more…because at that age…you start realizing the inevitability of death even more. People around you may think that you have lived 50 years and that its quite a lot of time. But in your experience….at that moment….it will be nothing. Even on your death-bed….you are not going to think “Ah…i have lived 100 years…thats quite a lot…i’m more than satisfied”. No…thats not what you are going to think. Because ‘you’ have not changed. Maybe the life situations and your worldly thoughts and feelings have changed. But you will still feel the same way as you felt when you were a child. The thirst for life can never be over. Its always there! It always seeks for limitless expansion. Even on the death-bed…you would be thinking…’If only i could fly….”

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