The year

December 28, 2010 § 4 Comments

Well… there. Heres the end of another year. You can either say ‘Wow here’s the end of a whole year!’ or you could say ‘Wow here’s another year down the drain….’  or you could simply look at in complete amusement and say it with a chuckle. It never ceases to amaze me how time seems to move at a very very relative pace. Guess Einstein was right after all. So how was 2010 for you. Good? Bad? Now that s an absolute question eh? At the beginning of the year I bumped into someone who told me that the first half will get me the most brilliant success.(umm.. no. nothing case ur curious.) and that the second half would be disastrous to say the least.(guess what.. nothing happened there either!) and thus went the year. Don’t worry m not going to go into the whole personal introspective retrospective meditative rant. Nooope. But some realizations

I discovered two amazing soaps -Lie To Me and Psych. Tim Roth is cool. (he’s the undercover guy from Reservoir Dogs.) I am fatal for all sorts of animals who I might try to pet. Deep fried food might in turn be fatal for me. The squirrel here which climbs walls vertically might be the Super-Squirrel-Man and might one day threaten us for his daily dose of titbits. My brother might get tired of my sarcasm and disown me soon. KT might give me a medal of appreciation for my sarcasm soon. It’s difficult to enjoy painting if you have to scrub the floors later. Old people don’t care what people think. Coldplay only gets better by the day. Its colder in Pune than in Mahabaleshwar. And some other realizations. Not important. Mundane.

I started writing this blog exactly in january. That was the plan. To write for a whole year. I d tried my hand at blogging before but it never went beyond posting my favourite songs. So writing something relevant to me personally was the idea. I am not very expressive in person . But being behind a keyboard or using a pen and paint or standing behind a camera is something I m comfortable with. Blogging… I had my reservations about it…. somehow doesn’t it seem too… what… shallow and unnecessary..? But I had a great time doing that. And seeing you guys read my frantic monologues was really sweet!! Thanks for all the comments and thanks for dropping by!

So will I continue writing in 2011… ? well. M under no illusion that you are dying to read this space or anythin… But I might take a teeny tiny break. And I might continue. M hoping to have something substantial and interesting to write about next year. Which directly implies that I do something substantial and interesting. Hmm. That sounds good to me.  

OR maybe the only reason I m feeling so down n out is because m sick in bed and everyone’s out enjoying the year-end! Heh. So enough with that… guys… Hope the past year was ok n I wish the next one is simply exceptional.. May your troubles last just as long as new year resolutions do and may it be more colourful, less chaotic and full of fuzzy warm and happy moments.. Enjoy the year-end and have A WONDERFUL NEW YEAR!

 See you in the brand new 2011!

ps- yes I m still working on the red shiny apple Oo. I m hoping to lead the year with that! 😀


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