Haphazard Monologue

February 18, 2011 § 5 Comments

One fine morning I ll come out before the sun and wait for it

Then bathe in its golden light

One such lovely morning it ‘ll all be clear and clearer still… like when you stare long enough your eyes hurt

Stare long enough at the sun or the moon or someone’s eyes and you can’t break the spell

Because you went too deep… and the light is too brilliant

One such day you won’t twitch at the cold air

And maybe they’ll all come out in the cold and it’ll be warm then

Maybe it’ll be magic and there will be stars in the night sky

And you won’t twitch in the cold air

Some odd road will bring back long lost dreams

We’ll get back our silly laughs

And smile at the contradictions

And the absurdity of it all

When the sun’s above our head there’ll be no shadows and it’ll be just that

We’ll look around with our eyes wide, at every new colour and every new leaf

Write it in our notebooks

 Tear the pages and keep them in our pockets

We’ll laugh out loud and the wind will carry it far and wide 

One sudden day we’ll care about living and wait for the golden sun to rise


§ 5 Responses to Haphazard Monologue

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