This time last year…!

March 1, 2011 § 3 Comments

This time last year… I was playing with my brand new camera! Wow. Reminds me of so much stuff! Ooooh Wow. Nostalgias struck. Big time. Then I was all gearing up for March. And the one this time starts too… today! March has begun n how. Thats another crazy theory me n B have. All things wonderful, weird, sad and earthquake- worthy happen in and around March. Its the most happenin month of the year. And when its all done we can say… ‘ITS ALL MARCH!’ And have a few laughs of our own… Last March started rather mundanely with me trying to click mom’s sitar…

Last year this time I was doodling about the year before…! The month was about to begin n I was stuck in a seminar with a red pen and a green pen and a whole blank sheet in front of me and I ended up making a collage of sorts. Ended up pasting it on the wall coz it was so funny later. It was the whole year in words. Went something like

Nina Simone my baby just cares for me – romantic projections – totally utterly completely screwed – cake time !! – run the signal – purple to pink – Garfield –  je t’aime tant – do it. NOW – democracy freedom truth integrity -chocolat – shit happens – ITS MAJIC! – procrastination at its best! – come away with me -GAH does it really matter? – Captain Jack Sparrow – Before Sunrise – what the hell screw you –  waltz for a night – it’s all March!! – PARIS – cloudy – cigarettes and coffee – gimme a break – Godard n Truffaut -EEks ….. watch OUT! – For whom the bell tolls – love and its side effects – classic blue -…

And something else I don’t remember. Damn where did that paper go! Must ve been one lousy seminar and one happening year!


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