the snow…

March 8, 2011 § 8 Comments

(Oh well…here it is,my first ‘guest blog’. I’m so so excited spilling out my heart here,and so grateful to S,that she though me worthy enough to be trusted with her blog.So here it is…something specially for her!)

i had a dream,it was snowing…in our own city!We were together.You were looking fairer than usual,if that’s possible!Almost porcelain.Your nose was red,after all the crying,your eyes were strained.You looked tired…tired of being perfect and sweet all the time.You looked at me with great hope,for comfort.But instead, all you saw was your reflection.Inspite of all the misery,we couldn’t help but laugh at our situation…how similar our lives were!Our laughter made us forget the world…we wandered through all the accumulated snow…but at a crossroad,we chose different paths…i tried to get back at you,i tried to find you,but you were long gone.i was lost…

i had the dream again…at the crossroads,we met again!You had changed…you were glowing,your eyes were beaming…all the things you had hoped for…were all yours,and more! I had rarely seen you so happy.You looked at me with great hope, but i was no more your reflection.I was cold,from fighting the wind.But seeing you smile,my heart melted.I couldnt have hoped for anything else…we wandered again……and it snowed again!


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