Of intrigue and fascination. Curio!

June 22, 2011 § 10 Comments

Have you ever been stuck on something or someone without an apparent reason. Without an explanation..?? Perhaps, struck with the enigma or the intrigue of an indifferent expression on a face. Where you’ve been perplexed for hours, days, months and still can’t solve the puzzle that presents itself right before your eyes. Maybe not a person.. maybe just the air? When it’s just about to rain have you felt a sudden stirring in your heart and you can’t name it. And it remains and you can’t solve it..?

I guess the title of this post itself tells you what it’s about. Intrigue, fascination and the love of life. Maybe they are the same. Maybe they originate from the same urge to… to Know. I ‘ve always been fascinated with people. Not all people. Some people. I find them on odd corners, unexpectedly and they drop in front of me out of no where. And then I can’t take my eyes off them. Let me describe these kind of people – quiet, if not particularly quiet they will space out once in a while/suddenly turn inwards/go to a parallel universe – they have a way of looking at the world (you know that by looking at the eyes.inquisitive/melancholic/indifferent..?) – they will be utterly genuine, even when they are lying or clearly attempting to lie – they have a spark in them that shines when you look closer.(or sometimes from miles away.) If I take a second look at someone it would usually mean m hooked. There’s a magnetism in them. Then it’s like a compulsion to know more about them. To know what happened and whats happening and what makes them click. To know their opinion about everything and why it is so. To find answers to every expression on their face and why it’s there. I turn incredibly curious and its unsettling if I can’t know. (FYI — NO I do not stalk people. My inquisitiveness is inside the boundaries of propriety.)

As I ve been this curious and fascinated with people… I ve found myself in various places. Scenario ONE– I see this girl from school walk over to her bus ride every day. She walks alone every single day and she piqued my curiosity to no end. So one day I offer her a ride on my Bicycle. So there we go everyday to her bus stop and I go home from there. It soon turns to walks. After the initial small talk we end up everyday walking on that stretch of road in silence. I ll never forget it. Those were some of the best walks I ve had. I didn’t know anything more about her. But I d found her fascinating and the walks very enjoyable.    (later I learn she’s also manic-depressive. well. the spark was just leaning to the other side.)

Scenario TWO – I met somebody at a public place. We are waiting for a flight. Turns out we are reading the same book. And from there it takes off and the next few days we have the best of conversations on everything under the sky and are never out of steam. Such intrigue… mon Dieu!

Scenario THREE – A pianist I see at a piano store with the most exquisite fingers and delicate features. (No I didnt stalk her. I just couldn’t help but look. she was so mesmerising!.)

Scenarios… This one girl in German class who had a cat. A guy who travelled all over the world and had fantastic stories to tell. A girl who walked with the most graceful manner I ve ever seen. A boy who wrote songs and played the guitar alone and would not play for anyone else. Another girl who acted in the most unpredictable of ways which ensured hilarious and amusing results. An old lady in a blue dress I met at the hospital who tells me about her walk to the faraway church everyday. This uncle who divorced his wife, has the awesomest music collection. LPs to be precise, and smokes like a chimney. Another artist who sketches day-to-day incidents and happenings in a little book. A young lady who thinks lying down on the sidewalk on marine drive is cool. Another girl who thinks love doesn’t exist. A guy who believes in soul mates and signs. My three year old niece.

And the list goes on.

 It’s not really a hobby watching people, no. But I love just this special kind. They have it in them… something that shines. I love to see as they unravel in front of me. People can be so charming! They make the world such a better place.

And then there are other things that fascinate me. Which I might just HAVE to do for some time till it wears off. Like listening to a particular song.(bet we all do that). Like the time I had to read Kundera… all the time. Like I was obsessed with making the perfect roti. Or the time when I had to put up photo frames everywhere as if trying to freeze time. When I had to eat vanilla ice cream at odd times. When I had to hunt for a book…. and doing that I d started hunting for the most curious and fresh bookstore in Pune.

(I might also get fascinated by things like a particular leaf on a tree, a colour, a water fountain, my eifel tower replica, flowers, a lampshade…. you get the drift. yes m crazy.)

These things make life more colourful, fresh and immensely exciting. In fact, I need these things in my life or I wouldn’t last a day. Sometimes it can even be too much to take in at a time! Its amazing. I guess all you need is an observant eye. I ‘d love to quote a film dialogue here- “There’s never nothing going on!”


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