Me punekar or not….

November 15, 2011 § 5 Comments

I m facing a dilemma… I started this blog… and m really pretty proud of myself for being at it so long unlike my other three blogs that fizzled out. But now there’s a question… the idea was ‘me-punekar’ and it so happens that m not gonna be in Pune anymore. M gonna move to another country entirely from january.. and I had thought I d write for a year. Now it’s exactly two years in december. And I feel like I should move on… sort of. M working on ideas for two new blogs. One with a friend and a brand new one… which could probably be anonymous for a while till I get a grip on the idea. So I might just stop Mepunekar in december. Lets see…! What do you think. Or should just change the domain name and keep the past posts as it is!


§ 5 Responses to Me punekar or not….

  • Sagar says:

    Please don’t delete the blog.. just change the domain name .. I am sure you will have a lot to write when you make your big move ..

  • My thoughts…you dont even need to change the domain name…you go anywhere in the world you will still be a punekar at heart…
    so i would say just continue writing 🙂

  • yes but theres two things… you know how you get over an idea and want a new start… And the other thing is.. writing anonymously has its own attraction.. I suddenly find that I tone it down and write a little bland-er…

  • D thinks, write the last one for here….and then a new beginning in a new place..

    P.S: please update the wish list you had made before signing this off…

  • KTJ says:

    Do not change the domain name. Once a Punekar, always a Punekar. I also left Pune in August for another country altogether, but I miss it badly. You can still blog about the experiences in Pune, about the city the rich cultural heritage and everything else. I don’t think, you physically need to be in Pune to do that. 🙂 Funny story of how I stumbled on your blog. Was just searching the net for the origin of the word ‘Punekar’ [AFAIK, Pu La put that into use] and it showed your blog into results. Liked the blog. Would keep following, if you are going to keep updating. ATB.

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