Why the change to Seventy Five degrees West…

February 7, 2012 § 4 Comments


SOOO…….. why change the title of the blog to Seventy Five Degrees West? Because thats where I have shifted to now. A brand new dot on the planet… on the other side of the world. Other side of the time zone… A place where the sun rises after it sets on my homeland. And since the whole point of me-punekar was to emphasize on the puneri – ness of the whole thing, I thought I should simply emphasize my new longitude and latitude now that I ve moved. I ll be keeping the domain name mepunekar  since many people have told me that it really sticks… So there! I m thinking of it more on the lines of mepunekar traveling and wandering about Seventy Five degrees West. Think it ll work? It better…!

This time I’m going in for a clean look with minimal color. (The picture on the header I found on the net… but I don’t know whose it is so I can’t give due credit.)The theme I’ve used is Oulipo which is simple and elegant and doesn’t take away attention from the content. I’m also gonna try and write stuff that way… simple and crisp. More from the heart. With more sensitivity. Observe more.  Try to express myself better. Write about new experiences. Click some better pictures. Look with eyes open and really see. Be more curious. Be more alive.

So here we are. Starting brand new. Some of you guys have really inspired and motivated me to write over the last two years… Hope you continue to do that now too! Do come back and take a look and leave in your comments and suggestions. Oh Oh and also… it’s really really late I know… But have a great year ahead!


§ 4 Responses to Why the change to Seventy Five degrees West…

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