words. Bertrand Russel

August 14, 2012 § Leave a comment

“The typical unhappy man is one who, having been deprived in youth of some normal satisfaction, has come to value this one kind of satisfaction more than any other, and has therefore given to his life a one-sided direction, together with a quite undue emphasis upon the achievement as opposed to the activities connected with it.” – Bertrand Russell, “The Conquest Happiness”

Once in a while you really come across something someone said and it gets to you and makes you think.

Ahh… the power of words!

The past tends to define you, most of the time. So if, that one normal satisfaction that you are deprived as a youth defines everything that follows, its kind of limiting isn’t it. Then of course, it can also be liberating. Or motivating. But… tends to be limiting most of the time.

Perhaps clarity is a virtue. To see what is affecting you, your unconscious actions towards something… and to see if it is limiting you or blinding you to possibilities. To be free of all the past must feel very very light!


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