something written two years ago.

October 11, 2012 § Leave a comment

This is something I’d randomly written in september 2010. No point or conclusion. But there doesn’t need to be any. But now I suddenly had the urge to complete the story to some conclusion. Or at least take it further. But I don’t know how. How to write a good story start to end?!


Here’s to encounters…


A sudden beam of light hit him. He paused mid way and exhaled. After a moment he put the cigarette back between his lips chewing the end. It was more of an unconscious habit these days. Sometimes he didn’t even care to breathe in. The light broke  into his thought. Was it white? Or perhaps yellow? He’d never liked white. He liked the yellow beam when its bright enough to hit your senses. He could trace the light to the light house further down. It was a moonless night. The days were balmy and hot but the nights were cooler. He breathed in and felt it go down his throat in swirls. Leaning on the railing he stared at the lighthouse.

How long had it been standing there? Wait… and how long was he standing there? The beam hit everything in its path with a vengeance. Illuminating a couple of houses and dark shadows of trees for a moment. The other side it destroyed nothing. Nothing there except the ocean. He watched it go round again. Had a rhythm about it. Perhaps he could use the light and the rhythm.

The sound of light footsteps broke his reverie. He dragged his eyes away from the light and looked into the darkness. The light went around again and hit the road to show a woman walking towards him. He liked her short hair. Made her face more… sharp and angular.

– Got a light?

She held it between her fingers and stared at him trying to figure out something. A moment later she seemed to have sorted the puzzle and finally took  a drag.

-I liked your play.

-What about it.

-That he lights the house.

They looked at each silently and turned to face the lighthouse.

It was a play that brought him there. He never liked to travel with the troupe but this time he felt he had to get out of the city. And ended up staying out of the country for months. The day’s play was not one of his best. His friend had dug it up from his earliest works. -I think it’s lousy and I don’t think it’ll work.. he had told him. But it had. And they toured… charming little towns. And cities. It was a change. But he needed the chaos of home to think straight.

-Anyway. I don’t want to think straight.

It went round again.

– What if that ship over there doesn’t see the light? It’s harsh weather don’t you think.


And that’s where my friend called me and it’s just sitting there on a page. I don’t like the fact that he smokes, or that he’s black and not grey. Isn’t grey more versatile? But then… he’s flawed. And that’s just right.


What on earth happens next?!


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