Nina – the Magnificent.

December 13, 2012 § Leave a comment

Indeed the High Priestess of Soul… I am a big fan of Nina Simone. Her captivating voice, amazing stage presence, her song writing… Her unpredictability during performances. My only regret in life would be not seeing her in concert.

Here is a part of a concert. She loved Switzerland like home.

Nina Simone: “Isn’t my necklace beautiful?, well it is isn’t it?”
“It is from Greece and Claude gave it to me and it is over its is antiques over 200years old and it is meant for a queen and I’m a queen.”

[Nina gracefully bows, crowd applauses, laughs]

[Nina laughs]

“I laugh because I know you are jolted because suddenly… it occurs to you that it might be true!”

NINA the magnificent! Watch it for a true artist and an enchanting personality…


A few years ago I watched Before Sunset and discovered Nina Simone… Just in Time is still my most favourite track and I can listen to it for hours together. Ethan Hawke flips in a Nina Simone cd and looks over at Julie Delpy for approval..(well..) and then Julie Delpy proceeds to recount her experience at a Nina concert… its one of the best scenes in a movie I’ve ever seen! (also, those two have an amazing chemistry)


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