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Ever wondered how we all (except me of course… nah.not really!) tend to tweet/instagram/fb status update/blog like really obsessively at some point in our lives… when we think all people really want to know is what we are up to and what we are eating/doing/shitting/watching… when the most banal everyday stuff becomes publish-worthy in our eyes…???

The next song folks, is dedicated to such people, i.e, everyone. Or to that phase in your life when you participate in this global phenomenon! I found it hilaaarious!



Book haul! yayyyyyy!

November 21, 2012 § 2 Comments

I have recently discovered that used books on amazon are much much cheaper than kindle editions. Of course I should pass on the valuable information that most books which have exhausted their copyright period are generally available free of cost. Which means all those classics from a hundred years before? Yours for free if you have a kindle!

But nothing beats print. I love the books…old ones. The ones you can touch. And smell. And open and curl up in bed turning pages. So heres my new stock that just arrived from amazon!

J D Salingers’ ‘Catcher in the rye’ has been eluding me for months so I finally caught hold of a copy. Maybe I will take it up first!

Two weeks in pictures!

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SO…. the power is back up. (It was back last monday really) So life is back to normal. Although we still have to figure out how much the NY transit is working… but its good. Much better than last week or so.

It has been dramatic, the last twenty days, to say the least. So we are today going to go on a pictorial journey of the two weeks!

We were utterly in love with fall, my sweetheart and I. The orange leaves floating down in the gentle breeze beckoned us to visit. It was simply lovely!


But then there was that dreadful hurricane Sandy. Dreadful. Power out for more than a week. That night the wind was killing outside. Howling through the buildings and trees. Well, we were thankfully safe inside and stocked up with candles. Ten days dinner was in candlelight!

The aftermath was… well. As expected. Trees down everywhere. How difficult it must be. Took all those years to grow as tall as they do and one night its all over in the wind! The poor trees.

Bored with the darkness for days at end, we went for a trip to DC to stay with friends. It was such a change from the dark evenings!

When we came back the power was back and everything was running! Of course a day after returning we were welcomed with snow all over… My heart goes out to those without power in the snowstorm. Hope everyone was okay!

But no matter. Everything has almost turned to normal and we are all geared up to celebrate Diwali – the festival of light! And of course no diwali is complete without the traditional lantern or akash kandil as we call it. I used to make one in India every year… so I had to make one here too. From whatever material I could find!

Which brings me to my next wish…

Wish you all a very very happy diwali! For those who celebrate it and also to those who dont…   May your life be a festival of lights and may it be filled with hope, joy and loads and loads of happiness! Wish all that you set out to do comes true and you are blessed with success and prosperity!

True that!

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Zadie Smith gives her list of ten rules of writing.

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Zadie Smith gives her list of ten rules of writing. Via Brain Pickings. (thank you for the wonderful content you publish Maria is very enriching!)

  1. When still a child, make sure you read a lot of books. Spend more time doing this than anything else.
  2. When an adult, try to read your own work as a stranger would read it, or even better, as an enemy would.
  3. Don’t romanticise your ‘vocation’. You can either write good sentences or you can’t. There is no ‘writer’s lifestyle’. All that matters is what you leave on the page.
  4. Avoid your weaknesses. But do this without telling yourself that the things you can’t do aren’t worth doing. Don’t mask self-doubt with contempt.
  5. Leave a decent space of time between writing something and editing it.
  6. Avoid cliques, gangs, groups. The presence of a crowd won’t make your writing any better than it is.
  7. Work on a computer that is disconnected from the ­internet.
  8. Protect the time and space in which you write. Keep everybody away from it, even the people who are most important to you.
  9. Don’t confuse honours with achievement.
  10. Tell the truth through whichever veil comes to hand — but tell it. Resign yourself to the lifelong sadness that comes from never ­being satisfied.

Home interiors, spaces – III STAIRCASES

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A very interesting place is the staircase if you have one. I love it! I ve always envied B’s place where she has a table tucked in below her stairs. Its the most versatile place… evokes a feeling of connection and versatility. Especially the little nook below the stairs… you can be very creative – have a bookcase there, a little seating, sofas, chairs…. anything!

interesting landing!

seating in the nook!

interesting seating in the open landing… use of space.

a staircase full of books on the side…dreamy! i would never get down the stairs…just pick up a book and sit for hours!

Home interiors…spaces – I

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Two things… Firstly, I am a complete sucker for anything to do with buildings. I love them. Interiors, design, home decor… obsessed.              Secondly, i love this blog by the famous Mr. Michael Mundy… An afternoon with    where he visits people in their spaces. He clicks the most beautiful pictures. Take a look later.

So I was in my routine browsing session on the internet where I save pictures that I like. (but of course everyone does that)And I love some of them so much, the ideas, the design, colors, I wanted to share them with you.

I find I gravitate towards minimalist spaces. Especially the kinds with light colored walls, simple design, open, very functional. I always feel the space you live in affects you a lot. It goes both ways. The space picks up your essence over time and you start to feel it too. It gives you a vibe. And I dont mean in the vaastushastra/ feng shui way. (I am not a big fan of that.)  Design is of utmost importance! Also, every space should be personal. It should have a character. I know some people who let their spaces remain kindof…sterile. No personal touch, unproductive.Flat and stagnant. When I come across such places I feel horror. Even a misplaced sweater adds a touch!

Here is a selection of images for the living room that I really like…

Lots of frames and a white wall.

a creme look… and smart decor.

big windows and lots of light , a collection of objects that make it interesting

low height furniture, again, lots of light

a dash of colour, red curtains, colored carpet, wooden floor

simple and minimalist!

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