Indian symbolism – tattoos and rangolis

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I recently came across Indian symbolism and meaning in traditional tattoos. It completely blew my mind since I saw these symbols around me all the time without really delving into what they mean or why they are there. These hidden meanings are getting lost over time, not to mention tattooing these traditional symbols more so. Tattooing or ‘gondavne’ was tradition and I remember my mom-in-law tell me how her grandma used to say ‘dev mhanel nandoon alis pan gondvun nai ali’ – i.e, gods will say you lead a full life on earth but you haven’t got tattooed. It was believed only tattooed souls can enter heaven, because you take the marks on your soul. Now is that intriguing or what. i have a few of my favorite ones here (in my new Moleskine book. YES! )

Marathi women always wear the half crescent bindi with a dot with traditional saree and I felt so cool learning about what it meant. The crescent moon is chandra and the dot is the star rohini and they are happy in their togetherness. The rangoli patterns from southern India were also of particular interest to me since me grandma used to draw it every day in front of the tulas -‘tulsi/basil plant’. I came across lots of articles where they mention the common origin of people from Karnataka and Maharashtra which was interesting. Might explain a lot of customs.

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Old illustrations – at Niagara

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Corning glass museum, New York

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Holden Caulfield’s New York

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Every time I pass a frozen pond and ducks I can’t help but wonder what do the ducks do in cold freezing winters. And then I read Catcher In The Rye. Holden Caulfield wonders the same I found out.

After years of somehow missing out on reading it I bought Catcher In The Rye off of amazon. I know I am repeating myself but did you know… USED BOOKS COST LIKE HALF OF KINDLE/NEW BOOKS . Its crazy. I got three books in twenty dollars. Does anyone else get a kick out of book ownership? I definitely do. My book owning joy = having a new car. I open the book, smell it, always face a dilemma as to where to put my name – the utterly blank first page or the page with the title and almost always decide on the latter.

SO, while reading Caulfield’s journey Trenton to Manhattan I couldn’t help but gasp in surprise and delight as I thought I have been here – all these places he is talking about. Unfortunately no one was around or I would have blabbered jumping up and down about it. But it was a delight to read about the places in 1951. Comparing the views we see now to those in Salinger’s book one can’t help but wonder how time passes changing things and yet keeping them static in a grander version. These places are key to Holden’s journey. They set the mood and the environment for his monologue. The pond in central park, Phoebe’s carousel, the Penn station, the Rockefeller plaza (!) , the train journey…

How we put grand projections on inanimate things! Just because it has a history or a context other than ours, just because it’s in someone’s story , fictional or otherwise ; makes it special. But then why not! Why not indulge in romantic grandeur and escapism if it makes you squeal in delight!

And we are back to ducks… and I found a really nice video and also an article you would like.

DO, DO read the book. It is delightful and different. More like a stream of consciousness monologue… an interesting read.



NYC – holiday season.

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Radio City music hall, NY

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All decked up for Christmas… Holiday season in NY is heavenly!!



New York

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New York taking inspiration from Puneri Patya? Lol. There was a show going on on the side and instead I notice this.

The extreme lack of parking in NYC and exasperated officials putting up exasperated signs!

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