A very happy new year and some wonderful wishes!

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A very happy new year and some wonderful wishes!


Sandy the superstorm

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Still facing repercussions of Sandy… no power for a week. And no power expected for another week.

Hope everyone else is okay… my heart goes out to those who lost everything in the flooding… Stay strong!

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My dear friend has started a blog… I loved her first post and thus the reblogging!


Welcome, and let me, in short, mention what this blog is. The basic premise is to give a short, quick, crisp account of something seen/felt/heard/tasted 🙂 /read/noticed/that went unnoticed in a within-a-minute readable format. The blog may be as un-literary as you can imagine! It can include bullets, numbered items or even just words separated by the correct punctuation marks. This style suits me because of the following reasons:

  1. My engineering background 🙂
  2. The ability to start a hundred things but continue one
  3. The crunch of time to read and write
  4. My belief that lots can be said in a hundred words.

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Blip Blip Blip……….. _____ ______ _____ _____bleeeeeeeeeeeep!!

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Going on a break.

Till I come up with something substantial. Something that I would love to write and publish and you would love to read.

Now you have a great time till then!

Stay curious. Stay alive!

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This is what I wrote a long time back. I remembered and missed her yesterday so this is like a rememebrance. For my grandmother…

Seventy Five degrees West

She never said much really. Except when it was clearly necessary. Loved her books. Read them all the time. Talked to my cat fondly. Would suddenly ask something out of the blue. Paid her daily respects to Him, but I suspect she never really believed he existed. An atheist in the closet I was always sure. Followed the rituals religiously. It was just something she had to do… for the sake of doing… something. Always felt glad when anyone made any progress. Never missed a thing that went around the room.  Never refused a cup of coffee. And we used to sit in silence at the table enjoying our own coffee mugs and thoughts when the air was cold. And ice cream in hot summers. She wasn’t supposed to have ice creams chocolates or coffee. But that never stopped her. Chocolate ice cream was the best of both worlds. Sometimes I wished I could time…

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