Radio City music hall, NY

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All decked up for Christmas… Holiday season in NY is heavenly!!




words – old images – vii

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I do hate recycling old images… but like I said at the beginning of the series… I am utterly trying to bring back the passion I used to have for photography!!

Cloud city at The Met, NYC

October 22, 2012 § 2 Comments

Cloud City – installation on the roof of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY.

Tomás Saraceno’s piece is currently installed on the roof of the Met Museum and I had the chance to look at it. (i.e, while visiting the museum, the full post on that will be put up after I load the pictures) It was my very first experience with installation art of any kind. This particular piece was very much amusing to look at or even be inside… they have timed tickets and 15 people are let in at a time. It is like a a cluster of geometric chunks. Rather, the reflective sides show chunks of very different spaces around. One will reflect central park, the other will reflect 5th Avenue, some next to it will reflect the sky above and one will invariably reflect you. It is most definitely a fun piece to watch. Especially at the time of sunset. Grab a drink and take a stroll on the roof.

I, for one, loved the view from the top instead. The sun shining through cracks in the urban jungle and falling on the treetops of Central Park. Fall in its full glory!

Me and him. And the others in the back!

The Pizza recipe!

October 12, 2012 § 4 Comments


Taking inspiration from one of my favourite blogs ‘Illustrated Bites’ I tried illustrating my pizza recipe. Its by Martha Stewart and very tried and tested  to make amazing pizzas at home!




Trust me its a good recipe… I tried it myself!

illustration – boat at norfolk

October 5, 2012 § 2 Comments

Birds on a line… against yellow

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white paper birds put on canvas. paint – acrylic. inspiration- wake up sid’s wall.

Art installations by Pors and Rao, Banglore

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I stumbled on this TED video… (TED videos are amazing if you don’t already know explore them!)  This is about art installations done by the designer duo Soren Pors and Aparna Rao. Its absolutely delightful. And so creative! Love the pygmies. I m new to art installations, never really went beyond the traditional art forms. Although since it got a lot of publicity, I know Damien Hirst and I m not a fan. But this is absoltely great! Check it out.

Their works, as described by the artists themselves, are ‘a personal exploration of subtle unconscious patterns and limitations that influence our behaviours and relationships; and the applied fiction or imaginative logic that makes them seem logical. The resulting work can be idiosyncratic, but still logical on its own terms’.

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