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My mother’s sitar…

I often imagine her playing it when she was a younger woman… by the time I grew up she had given up playing. But I still imagine her    playing it and looking beautiful and serene. The most beautiful person I know in this world!img_0222



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You’re so vain… sings Carly Simon..

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Hmm. You know… the other day I was reading one of those crappy glossy magazines while I was waiting for someone. “Are men more vain than women.” That was the question… with some serious talk going on there.(as if  that’s the most important issue in the whole world. heh.) So today we are just going to discuss this most important question ourselves…  But m not going to say ‘yes they are’ or ‘no they aren’t.’  Lets talk about something else.

   Firstly, absolutely no offence to all the pretty guys out there. I fully respect and appreciate your prettiness and I would say you add equally to the world’s beauty just like beautiful women do. Though no one is going to compare you to flowers, you can still charm people. But I just think, (on a very general level…. there’s always exceptions..) I think that women are more equipped to handle their own beauty. The other day I met one Mr. X. Now Mr. X happens to be the boyfriend of a very close friend of mine. And he’s pretty. I mean, name it, he’s got it. Perfect. (or so you would think.) BUT… he has a hundred pictures of himself on Facebook. (umm. no. actually, its 57. but my point still holds.) I mean… Himself. Only. Whats the harm in that? No harm. But just the fact that there are pictures of you in all kinds of mundane and silly poses… that you clicked yourself( !)… and talking about it too. I know … everyone does that. Self expression. Not that only guys do that… But… I mean there’s a reason why Narcissus was a dude. There’s a difference in being aware of your beauty and indulging in it. I think women are much more capable of handling it. And even if they aren’t, you can always feel like their vanity is part of the charm. They are beautiful people. Period. But a man’s vanity is plain self obsession. (yes m biased. I admit.) Of course a little self-indulgence is always good, can do wonders for you. But all that extra vanity.. Women know how to deal with it. They come to terms with their beauty(most of them…) and if not, they’ll still remain beautiful without being repelling. There’s nothing as stupid as a vain guy who knows that he’s pretty and tries to live up to his own heightened sense of self. Heh. Which is why…  pretty women win!

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