sitar – old images ix

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My mother’s sitar…

I often imagine her playing it when she was a younger woman… by the time I grew up she had given up playing. But I still imagine her    playing it and looking beautiful and serene. The most beautiful person I know in this world!img_0222


green in B&W – old images

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words – old images – vii

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I do hate recycling old images… but like I said at the beginning of the series… I am utterly trying to bring back the passion I used to have for photography!!

flowers, tone – old images vii

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Blades of green. in B&W! : old images iv

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Gateway of India, Mumbai : old images II

November 28, 2012 § 1 Comment


This was shot last year at Mumbai with a very basic point and shoot camera. But I still like it!

Foto – Memories : old images I

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Revisiting some old memories. I think of the time a few years ago… when I was so, so passionately into photographing as much as I can. Trying to get better. Makes me want to do it again. This week is going to be about images from the past! They can also be found on my other foto-blog.

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