New York

November 28, 2012 § 2 Comments

New York taking inspiration from Puneri Patya? Lol. There was a show going on on the side and instead I notice this.

The extreme lack of parking in NYC and exasperated officials putting up exasperated signs!


Weekly photo challenge – unfocused

May 6, 2012 § Leave a comment

This one is a really unfocused one from my cellphone… Pune, at night.

This one is… well… half unfocused. But  I like since its both…

City life

September 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

A few days ago I went over to my aunts for dinner… Its far away and near the place I used to live before. Now the place I stay is much quieter and crowd free. I went to take a call in the balcony and when I finished it I suddenly saw the square below. Late evening. All two wheelers and cars and buses taking people home at the end of the day. Young guys zooming on their bikes, old ladies driving super careful, couples going out all dressed up, kids cycling home at the end of the day. And I suddenly realized how much I love the city. The city life. I don’t mind the dirt or the heat or the pollution or the crowds. I love it just as it is. Yes it can get better sure… but I love it. And as much as I d love to spend quiet days at quiet places in solitude I d always come back.

And Pune is the perfect city… I always call it the town-city. It’s not as fast as Mumbai… not as slow as a town… it’s somewhere in the middle. It’s at a comfortable pace. And the thing is.. in Pune you can choose your own pace of life. It has its idiosyncrasies as any other metro, new places expanding beyond the old boundaries, old places nestled up in between new concrete. It’s all chaotic but that makes it more interesting and curious. Its fun to just roam around the city once in a while. Its unique with a river cutting through it and hills surrounding it. With markets and the peths. God knows how many times I was lost between Ravivar peth and shukrawar peth and somwar peth. Anywho… so.. I couldn’t stop clicking a picture from my phone… it’s a lousy phone but helps to freeze a picture…

I want to see and click Pune on foot sometimes. Theres simply too many places I havent seen yet. That’s a plan for October. If miss P would oblige to accompany me. And also miss the camera. Cant wait for October!! And especially with Diwali coming up! Do check on in here in October for some new pictures!

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