Memories from HAMPI

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Browsing through some old images from Hampi, India…   saw this delightful picture of two kids!


Travel… India

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The other night I was about to sleep late night and suddenly found there was too much ambient light oozing in from the windows.  Damn the neighbours I said. Full garden lights on. Except… they weren’t garden lights but the damn Moon. And a really pretty Moon. Took me a while to sleep after that. Clear night big moon. Pretty.

Okay. So I like the Moon. (think bout it… isn’t the word ‘moon’ really…smooth sortof?) And I wish to see it from different places. Preferably… over the Taj Mahal, in the mountains in Ladakh, over serene waters in Kerala, shining over sandy deserts in Rajasthan. Perhaps tea gardens in the far North East. Over the Hampi ruins…(which I did. Yes.) And ultimately over the Eifel Tower. And maybe in Pondicherry someday around a campfire with a group of cool people and some crazy artist playing music. Yeah… the Moon does travel a lot. Heh. And India is just the place for it.

The travel bug has bit me and how. There doesn’t seem to be enough of it. I come back from a trip and can only think of the next. Since I hardly travelled much before… seems now I need to compensate for the time lost. 😛 Well… m not complaining! Travelling is fun. My first big trip outside the state was when I was twelve. On my own with the State athletics team we headed to Trivendrum on a train. I was the youngest there (which was like oh so much fun. with big girls and guys cooing over me.) That was a time I got to do all crazy stuff like sitting in the door of the train leaning out without adult supervision. (on hindsight that wasnt very safe at twelve) and plucking the huge banana tree flower from the hotels garden and they couldn’t yell at me coz I was a cute kid. Finding out one of the big girls was married and pregnant and discussing raising kids with her! Sitting in the stadium all day doing absolutely nothing but eat banana wafers and listen to Taal’s music. (it had just come out!). And one day some girls decided to go see Kanyakumari. And I trudged along just out of boredom. I don’t know just how we got there… I remember being almost lost in the crowd and they panicked.

 Then we made it. I remember somewhat all the souvenir shops. It was like a small street or ground… lined with scores of souvenir shops. And lots of ice cream wallahs. And I was trudging along and we suddenly came to some small clearing through the crowds of children, hawkers and shops. It was really windy that day and the sky was a little overwhelmed with clouds. And then I saw it. The sea… on three sides of it. We walked to the farthest point of land… and it was… it was the southern most tip of India. You stand with your back to the piece of land you just came from and face the water. It’s the confluence of three seas. I don’t remember if we could see three colours… it was more than a decade ago. But I d like to believe we did. It was amazing. The Vivekananda rock Memorial was closed… due to windy weather. And then it started to drizzle. Truly mesmerizing. I remember buying a huge sea conch and very cornily getting ‘Home sweet home’ etched on it. But well. I was twelve!

The sea in the monsoons… is a different place altogether. Maybe scary… and truly outrageous. But there’s a sudden boldness to it then. Pleasant kinda boldness. It’s a little disconcerting coz the sea is generally calm and nice. ugh. I miss it already.

Travelling is not about only getting from point A to B. there are two parts to it. The actual ‘travelling’ and the arriving. The ‘travelling’ is full of expectation and still a sweetness of its own. Its more about seeing people, meeting them, watching them go around their usual lives, along with all the touristry places, exploring and finding the popular hang out and what do the people get a kick out of. Finding your own favourite place in strange lands walking on local streets. Local food and temples and maybe fisherwomen groups in case of sea coasts.. Yeah. Thats travelling.

Okay… I started out wanting to write about my recent trip to Hampi -Badami… guess the next post!

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