home interiors and spaces – IV

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Wall art and spaces.. special corners in a room that you retire to at the end of the day…  Any favorite or interesting space in your home really.

one from Michael Mundy’s series…


walls and tables

workspace corners and table


children’s spaces. but the walls are done adult.


wall decor, chic chair and cabinet


wall spaces…small corners

wall art and table

top to bottom wall art..frames, a different focal point for the room.


amazing idea for walls… old classics put in frames and hung up. brilliant idea…



Home interiors, spaces – III STAIRCASES

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A very interesting place is the staircase if you have one. I love it! I ve always envied B’s place where she has a table tucked in below her stairs. Its the most versatile place… evokes a feeling of connection and versatility. Especially the little nook below the stairs… you can be very creative – have a bookcase there, a little seating, sofas, chairs…. anything!

interesting landing!

seating in the nook!

interesting seating in the open landing… use of space.

a staircase full of books on the side…dreamy! i would never get down the stairs…just pick up a book and sit for hours!

Home interiors, spaces – II DINING TABLES

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Some of the dining and kitchen area. I ve always found the kitchen to be the hub of activity in a house. Maybe because it was so at my parents place. But the kitchen is a great place to connect, have fun. Especially if you have kids! It can even be multi-functional…  I remember studying at my kitchen table… or reading.Even painting. It can be fun to explore it as something more than just a dining area…

*all images taken from (random sources) the internet*

a dining table that stretches far and wide! love the open-ness

lights hanging from above, open kitchen

dining table, space and light

open, white


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