To You

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One beautiful evening we travelled far for miles and miles… the road ran under our feet pushing us forward to new places. The sun sets for the day but not for us. And I would love to spread my wings… because you are with me.

This is a public declaration of love… 🙂
The last year has been wonderful with you and because of you…
You have changed my life. 
Here’s to sharing a lifetime together!
I love you with all my heart, for now and always!
Happy Anniversary! 

Friends, life and time – a poem

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Let us speak not of you or me
Of what has been said or unspoken yet..
Lest it violate that which is sacred

But with each step forward
Reminisce awhile
For memories time reclaims with every dusty mile

And maybe in a moment or an eternity
You will see…

A thousand adieus
But in vain my dear friend
For in your deepest
You know
We ll meet again.

Found this poem on my long-dead other blog I used to have ages ago. Time affects people in every different way. Friends sometimes grow apart or are forced apart by life and distance. Or misunderstandings. But true friendship always lasts… through thick and thin!

True that!

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