Friends, life and time – a poem

December 12, 2012 § Leave a comment

Let us speak not of you or me
Of what has been said or unspoken yet..
Lest it violate that which is sacred

But with each step forward
Reminisce awhile
For memories time reclaims with every dusty mile

And maybe in a moment or an eternity
You will see…

A thousand adieus
But in vain my dear friend
For in your deepest
You know
We ll meet again.

Found this poem on my long-dead other blog I used to have ages ago. Time affects people in every different way. Friends sometimes grow apart or are forced apart by life and distance. Or misunderstandings. But true friendship always lasts… through thick and thin!


Dear chocolate… a poem of/for/by a choc-addict

November 29, 2011 § 5 Comments

My darling chocolate,

Sweeter than the sweetest

Darker than the darkest

You are the fix that I want

When things are looking down

(or even when things are looking up)

All joys and sorrows

I wanna spend with you

My dear chocolate.

When the skies are dark n grey

And the umbrella’s gone astray

You come to my rescue

N suddenly the skies are blue!

So to show my love

This lousy attempt of a prose trying to rhyme

N to tell you, dear chocolate

You’ll always be mine!

An old poem.

February 10, 2010 § Leave a comment

Dimmesdale whose sin was greater and thus whose pain was
far greater…
The Scar Of Dimmesdale

Are you wearing your scar
That dark shame on your bosom

While they..
They smile their conceited smiles
And smear (your benevolence)
with dark hues
Red and darker still.

Pain that I betrayed
Pain (your being)
From which you shed tears
of comfort
For me to sail on
To exult in an escape

Hester are you wearing my scarlet letter
That which adorns your loving bosom
For it is my own (my own sin)
Emblazoned on your soul (and mine).

It’s very old. Sounds so darn sinister right! The book is okay I think. Its a very usual story… I read it a long time back and didn’t really think much about it. Suddenly found the book one day and the story came back to me…. moved me in some way. Thus the poem.

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