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Ever wondered how we all (except me of course… nah.not really!) tend to tweet/instagram/fb status update/blog like really obsessively at some point in our lives… when we think all people really want to know is what we are up to and what we are eating/doing/shitting/watching… when the most banal everyday stuff becomes publish-worthy in our eyes…???

The next song folks, is dedicated to such people, i.e, everyone. Or to that phase in your life when you participate in this global phenomenon! I found it hilaaarious!



The rise of The Wall

July 6, 2010 § 4 Comments

 Ah ha… The Wall. What’s the wall… The great wall of China/ The great indian wall-Mr. Dravid/ The berlin wall. Or old man Kahn from Fusball. . Heh. No m not talking about those actually. M talking about The Wall… aka the wall of Facebook. You know it… most of us are there… posting away.

Social networking is the word. Though the whole idea is like five years old..How many times have you found yourself flooded with invitations to Orkut / facebook/ Hi5 / Link link whatever… I remember when I first signed up on Orkut. What a rage that. I was soo hooked. And so were all my friends. You added friends, friends of friends, random people… Irrespective of what they are in real life… Fun looking pics, a hundred odd friends and there you go…Everyone is cool online you see. You hardly knew 1/3 rd of the people on your friend list. It was fun when it was new but then you suddenly realize that you have spent the last four hours at the computer chatting away in public spaces and you could have actually called or actually met that person for coffee and had a better time.

It poses a question really… Have you wondered if you are meeting people lesser in real life because you can stay in touch through social networking sites? It reminds me of the time when I concluded that texting /SMSing was quite evil. You actually got to know people through texting, landed gfs/bfs, broke up with them over Sms s, fought with your best friends on messaging and became close friends with people without meeting them in person. I used to detest the idea of messaging once because you could refuse to take a call if you wished to, but the messages always reached you. It can feel like violation of your personal space. A little unsettling how anyone could always reach you any time they wanted. Later of course I got used to the idea and now I am probably Vodafone’s best customer. Nevertheless… a cell phone is nothing compared to social networking sites.

Observe sometime – a person talks differently face to face. There are non verbal signs we take up too. The same person talks differently on a phone. The same person talks differently in a chat box online.

Apart from the fact that you have to be very skeptical about the privacy policies of networking sites. With the recent lawsuits and concerns of some… Facebook in question here.  Today’s age is all about expressing oneself… Every person wants to be heard, to look cool and feel good about themselves, others want everyone to know what they are doing every minute through applications like Twitter, you post pictures of yourself, add a zillion friends, ‘Like’ others people’s stuff, ask them to like yours… Does there seem something amiss here? It’s the virtual world. There’s a constant frenzy involved here… whose comments are wittier, whose wall is fuller, whose pictures are cooler, who has the most number of fans. Stuff that makes you feel good in some way. Halfway down the line most of us get out of the addiction. Maybe… (but not in the case of a friend of mine who insists I just HAVE to join facebook.Because it’s sortof regressive to not exist there..) But the more nice, cool, user-friendly it sounds… the more I dread it.

So here’s the thing… I Am Not On Facebook.  Yeah you heard it right! Heh. Simply because I don’t need it right now! In this Wall-world, I choose not to claim a wall for myself. Or you can say I don’t exist in the Other world… However tempting it sounded to me once, I have decided to not join any more social networking sites. And in this process I have saved myself an average one and a half hour a day.(Minimum.) That’s 7+ hours a week. Say 400 hours a year. Wow. I just saved such a lot of time… and in that time I plan to go out for real coffee with real people, have witty conversations in person, enjoying going out and not wedging in front of a dead screen that talks. There. I choose not to be cool! Doesn’t matter if no one likes my pages or thinks m a bore… I’d be Out, enjoying my nice cup of actual coffee!

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